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Monday, May 25, 2020

New pulse production line

Herba Ingredients opens a new state of the art production line for protein and starch concentrates. With this new production line Herba Ingredients increases its production capacity for their pea and faba bean concentrates and also expands on their pulse flours portfolio.Located in the heart of Europe Herba Ingredients is the ideal partner for the efficient supply of all types of plant based protein and starch ingredients, offering a range from different powder solutions, precooked and deodorized solutions and textured ingredients.

With this new setup Herba Ingredients is one of the few pulse ingredient companies that controls the complete supply chain, from the field to high value ingredients. Contact us to know more about Herba Ingredients pulse ingredients and request a sample.

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Natural & gluten-free rice and pulse ingredients

Herba Ingredients is part of Ebro Ingredients, the B2B ingredient division of the Ebro Group, a global leading player in rice & pasta. Being part of this food group offers multiple advantages and synergies in relation to raw material sourcing, product portfolio, vertical integration, sustainability and high quality production.

Herba Ingredients is a dedicated B2B player in the field of natural and gluten-free rice and pulse ingredients of the highest quality. We offer allergen-free pulse and cereal ingredients as well.

Our clients include some of the biggest industrial food & pet food processors in the world, but our products extend to serve SMEs just as well. Being very customer focused, we develop and offer tailor-made solutions upon request.

With more than 25 years of experience, Herba Ingredients is an established presence in the industry. Our natural and gluten-free rice ingredients are used for a whole range of applications, from  baby food, bakery products over cereals and bars to dressings, pastas and ready-to-eat meals and.

Special focus on infant & organic ingredients

Our main focus lies on developing ingredients for infant nutrition. Baby foods require premium ingredients that exceed most standard requirements concerning nutrition compositions, digestibility and hypoallergenicity.  

Our teams of agronomists, biologists and rice growing experts supervise the paddy fields on a daily basis. On the fields, we apply state-of-the-art agronomical practices and techniques. A lot of attention goes to cultivation, development and research in order to obtain the finest baby-food grade rice ingredients.

Quality products

Quality shows in the product, but starts with the process. From the very first step in our production line, Herba Ingredients acknowledges health, ecology, fairness and convenience as our most important guidelines towards a great company.

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Care to find out more? Please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help you out. 

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