Ebrofoods Group

Ebrofoods (www.ebrofoods.es) is present worldwide in 52 countries with different plants and sales offices. The group is a PLC, quoted on the Madrid stock exchange (IBEX 35).

Our sister companies

  • SOS (SP)
  • Brillante (SP)
  • Minute (USA)
  • Ronzoni (USA)
  • Success rice (USA)
  • Catelli (CA)
  • Olivieri (CA)
  • Oryza (DE)
  • Reisfit (DE)
  • Garofalo (IT)
  • Lustucru (FR)
  • Panzani (FR)
  • Bosto (BE)
  • Lassie (NL)
  • Risella (FI)
  • Ris-fix (DK)
  • Saludaes (PT)
  • Abu Bint (Saudi)

Rice and pasta

Within our rice and pasta divisions our retail brands and industrial business have equal importance.