Lentils and lentil flour

Herba Ingredients develops and produces lentils and lentil flour in a range of varieties. Lentils come in an extensive set of flavors, which makes them great additions to numerous kinds of food.

What are lentils?

Lentils belong to the pulses family, along with other types of beans. Lentils grow in pods and are generally no larger than your fingertip. They can be sold whole or split in halves. They are a great source of cholesterol-lowering fiber.


Depending on your sector and specialization, you may prefer green, brown, black, yellow, red or orange lentils. Brown and green lentil flour and lentils are generally better at retaining their shape after cooking, while the other color types tend to get mushy and soft.

Apart from the color and the consistency level, lentils come in different shapes and sizes. At Herba Ingredients you have a wealth of lentil and lentil flour options to choose from. All of our lentil ingredients are developed and produced so as to meet the highest quality standards.

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