Organic rice and variants

Now more than ever before, consumers pay attention to what they put into their shopping cart. As awareness is increasing on a global scale, food processors are looking for manufacturers with a shared focus on natural, organic and clean ingredients.

Not just rice

Herba Ingredients offers an extensive range of organic rice-based products. Our rice ingredients include

  • rice bran: stabilized. Favorite staple of 60 percent of the world’s population.
  • rice starch: functional ingredient in a wide variety of different products such as baby foods, confectionery, bakery, meat impregnation etc.
  • broken rice: fractured grains,
  • rice flour: finely milled rice, high on protein. Great for use in baby food, gluten-free pasta, ready-to-eat meals and more.
  • etcetera

The benefits of organic rice

Rice is an easily digestible ingredient, making it a favorite in all sorts of diets. For industries as well, rice is a popular ingredient. It is appreciated in various food processing industries for its essential macro- and micronutrients, its fat mimetic effects and its gel texture.

Herba Ingredients rice products are hypoallergenic, gluten free and completely natural.


Our organic rice ingredients can be used as

  • stabilizers
  • binders
  • thickeners
  • natural whitening agents
  • carriers
  • fibers
  • etcetera

Need more info?

Please feel free to contact us. We will gladly answer your questions, or help you in any other way we can. 

Herba Ingredients offers a whole range of organic rice ingredients, including rice bran, starch, flour and broken rice.

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