Rice flour

Rice flour developed and produced by Herba Ingredients is GMO free, gluten free and allergen free.  

What is it?

Rice flour is made up of micronized rice grains, which retain their essential carbohydrates and proteins. Unlike pure rice starch: rice flour contains approximately 78% starch and 7% protein.

We offer different products including:

  • HerbaNAT native rice flours
  • HerbaNAT R heat treated rice flours
  • HerbaFINE ultra fine micronized rice flours
  • HerbaPURE organic and baby food rice flours
  • HerbaGEL precooked rice flours

The difference with rice starch lies in the production process: while starch is often produced by steeping rice in lye, rice flour is acquired by finely milling the grains.


Because of its powdery structure and its resistance to liquid separation, rice flour is a great way to naturally thicken (frozen or refrigerated) recipes. Other uses include:

  • water binding
  • gelling
  • texturizing
  • nutritional uses
  • coatings
  • fat replacing
  • etc.


Rice flour is highly digestible, making it great for use in various baby food products. The ingredient is suited for a large number of other applications as well, such as:

  • bakery products
  • breakfast cereals
  • ready-to-eat meals
  • sauces
  • soups
  • snacks


Care for a specific gel strength? A different particle size distribution? Just ask. We are also able to manufacture customized rice flours for you.

Need more info?

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