Conventional glutinous rice flour

Conventional glutinous rice flour

HerbaNAT R is our range of heat treated raw rice flours for micro or enzymatic reductions.

Particle size distribution can range from 150 to 1500 µm.

HerbaNAT R includes low, medium and high amylose rice flours as well as a range of moisture reduced rice flours. 


HerbaNAT R  rice flours belongs to a special variety of rice ingredients.

  • Excellent freeze-thaw stability
  • Resistance to liquid separation
  • Stabilizer
  • Thickener
  • Reduces chip and snack hardness, while minimizing breakage during packaging
  • Provides crispy texture to chips and snacks
  • Moisture absorbent

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  • Allergen- and gluten-free

  • GMO-free

  • Natural & healthy