Rice starch

Herba Ingredients’ rice starch is an inexpensive and natural ingredient destined for food processing industries with a focus on clean label products. 

What is it?

Rice starch is a natural polymeric carbohydrate and the main component of rice. In its native form it is an insoluble white powder consisting of both amylose and amylopectin. Just like rice it can differ greatly in composition and structure.

The difference with rice flour is the absence of the protein fraction.


Rice starch has a very fine granularity with granules having about the same size as fat globules, making it a possible fat replacer. After heating with water it forms a gel with a smooth and creamy texture.

Rice starch also has a neutral taste and clear white colour, assuring preservation of the authentic taste and colour of your food product.

Main advantages of rice starch:

  • Neutral taste
  • White colour
  • transparent gel
  • Soft creamy texture, possible fat replacer
  • GMO-, gluten- and allergen free
  • Great digestibility

Rice starch applications

Rice starch can be used in a large number of applications, including

  • baby foods and organic infant meals
  • ready-to-eat meals
  • soups & sauces
  • cereals and cereal bars
  • confectionery coatings
  • organic food products
  • ...

Why choose Herba Ingredients?

Herba Ingredients’ rice starch is developed by a team of experts who want to make the industry a more organic and healthy place.

Our rice starch is suited for many different diets. It is

  • GMO free
  • gluten free
  • allergen free

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