Vertical integration in organic food industry

Traceability is essential for  infant nutrition manufacturing to manage all quality and risk aspects in a good way. In this context Herba Ingredients proud itself, able to offer a complete vertical integration package to the infant nutrition & organic food industry.

Vertical integration

More than 50 years, we are developing and improving new rice varieties. This challenging work is being tackled from many angles: field yield, disease resistance, contaminants (f.e low arsenic), industrial processing, ingredient functionalities, etc..

It takes more then 6 years for our skilled agronomists to create a new cultivar in to a commercial available seed for farmers. We are conducting growing programs in different parts of the world with our in house bred European seeds. This allows us to offer flexibility and multiple alternatives to our customers in the organic food industry.

Rice fields

Extremely important in the agronomical programs is constantly reducing and minimizing different contaminants like heavy metals (low inorganic arsenic, low cadmium), mycotoxines & others. In this respect we have extremely clean rice solutions to offer to the food industry.